On Track Learning, Wimmera

This has been a good project and a great way of introducing e-learning ideas into a very small organisation. Working together in a group has been great as they were all at different levels and working on different courses. It is great to find out what others are doing.

The mentoring assistance was invaluable, and a high quality part of the project: the support on the phone and the visit. This is money well spent, for someone to come to a regional provider to assist them in their own organisation. I am aware of the expense but it was very valuable. It would have been easy to become disheartened if the support was not there.

Martin Bride, EO

Blended learning @ On Track Learning

On Track Learning aims to deliver literacy and basic education throughout the whole of the Wimmera region, and has a history in providing distance learning options to small communities in the Wimmera. Currently they deliver courses to these communities through a combination of face to face and self paced works books where the students have an option of coming to class or doing the whole course by distance education. Classes will traditionally have both distance and face to face participants. Essentially On Track is a language and literacy provider and most of their student cohort need literacy support. They do a lot of work with young people. The two ACFE funded course they want to offer in a blended mode are:
  • 7 week preparation course for individuals wanting to sit the Police entrance exam.
  • Cert III in Teachers Aid course, specifically modules such as Search for Business Information online and Use Business Technology
The challenge for the organisation is the cost and time it takes to prepare and send the materials, as well as provide the additional face-to-face support that is sometimes needed in the form of travel to outlying communities spread around the Wimmera. Currently there is a lot of follow up through telephone contact which is time consuming and expensive.
Some of the technology challenges they face includes the fact that the majority of clients would still be on dialup internet. Computers and software owned by students is often old and outdated. What did they do? How did it go? Click here to read more...

Clever use of ICT - vision and implementation

At On Track Learning a clever use of ICTs means that they look for clever add-on options in the courses they are currently delivering as paper based distance education options. ICT becomes an extra option for support to current courses as they make more materials available online for students. What have they done? What are the challenges? Click here to read more...

Organisational capacity

On Track is a small ACFE provider based in the Wimmera. It has a commitment to providing educational opportunities to students across the Wimmera. It delivers a range of courses in distance mode, using workbooks and CD ROMs. In this project they investigated the feasibility of offering one of these courses online, using the TAFE Virtual Campus. To find out more about their capacity to integrate technology into their course delivery, read more for full details.

Educational reach

Has the use of ICTs increased their reach? Possibly too early to say, but student feedback and growing demand shows that the potential to extend their reach beyond immediate boundaries is definately there. Read more for full details on how On Track will make this possible

Community portrait

Who is On Track reaching with their use of technology? What do the students think? What are the community's ICT needs and how do they know? Read more for full details